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Select from one of our handy calculators below to review or recalculate your current or new loan:

Amortisation Calculator Calculate/amortise your loan with different payments, payment frequency and loan periods.
Mortgage Amortisation Calculator Calculate how much you can borrow based on different repayment amounts.
Monthly Loan Payment See how much you save by increasing your repayments
Loan Amortisation Simple loan amortisation calculator
Simple Savings Calculator Calculate how much interest you earn based on regular deposits and compounding interest
Mortgage Payment Compare repayments for different interest rates and loan principals
Loan Prepayment Calculate what your monthly repayments need to be to reduce your loan period to x years, or see the effect of higher payments on your loan period
Fortnightly Mortgage Compare fortnightly payments against monthly payments for the same loan amount
Home Deposit Compare the repayments based on various deposit amounts for your home
15 vs 30 Compare payments/interest on a 15 year loan vs. a 30 year loan

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